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Are you travelling somewhere and want to hit up a gallery? Do you want to be excited about the gallery you are going to? Have someone on your gift list who is impossible to buy for? Have someone in your life who is a big traveler? THEN DO I HAVE THE THING FOR YOUR! A personalized gallery tour! 

In this written Gallery Tour Guide, I provide you with a detailed tour that gives your gallery visit direction, focus, and makes you feel involved instead of alienated by the works. 

What's Included

A selection of 10 works, including a couple of the gallery’s star works but for the most part it will be ever so slightly lesser known works. I do this because the star works usually already have a bunch of great didactic information provided by the gallery. 

A small image of every work

The title, date, artist, and medium of each piece

The location of the work in the gallery so it can easily be found.

A one paragraph in-depth description for each of the 10 works that might include drama about the artist, the context and importance of the piece within art history, and/or how the work shows up in contemporary pop culture. 

Please note, I cannot guarantee all works will be on display when you visit the gallery. 

Upon purchase, I will reach out to you with a form to collect some key information about your Gallery Tour Guide. 


 What to Expect

The video here gives you a sense of what kind of information is included in the Gallery Tour Guide.

I'm Qualified!

I have a Bacherlor's in Art History from Carleton University and a Master's in Contemporary Art History from OCAD University. I love art history and the art I make is always in reference to the cannon of art history. Visiting art galleries is always an important element of any travel I do and often informs where I travel to. This makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one when you are going on a trip or even if you want to head to your local art gallery. I love art. I love art history. Let my enthusiasm for art make your gallery visit even more enjoyable.