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Being the Art History girl that I am, I felt strongly that art needs to be on more clothes and of course you gotta be the change you want to see in the world.

Men's t-shirt fit. I'm wearing a 2XL that I cropped myself. Comes full length (AKA not cropped)

All printed tees are put into production on the 1st of every month to minimize waste. So if you order on the 10th of June, your tee will be printed on the 1st of July. Once your t-shirt is made (about 1 week), it will be shipped to you. 

Inspired by my virtual tour of the the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, this tee features the artwork Primavera by Botticelli c. 1480.  This gorgeous full colour print looks amazing on the black tee (those who took art history know you ALWAYS make the background black on any slide with an image of an artwork). Teach people about art simply by walking by them in this pretty li'l thing.