A Place To Lay One's Head (2022)

A Place To Lay One’s Head Series

Part ongoing practice, part community engagement, part video installation, this piece explores the interior, the historically feminized space, and the unseen/sung acts that make home and belonging.

The practice consists of me making the same baked good three times over three weeks. Ongoing practice becomes community engagement as my friends and family purchase baked goods to eat and financially support the creation of the work. Community engagement becomes video art as each time I make the baked goods, I stream the process live. These live videos then become records of this common interior act. The ideal final form of the work is a video installation in which all three iterations of me making one type of baked good are simultaneously projected onto three different walls in the room, causing the room to become a space where you can be enveloped by the noises and actions of someone making something with love and patience. 

Thank you to my community for your support of this piece.

 Semi Sweet